what’s a Beet Box??

Beet Box is changing the way people think about boxed meal delivery. We've taken our love for community and local agriculture, and combined it with our passion for progressive food. Too many times we've seen the same old sandwich shoved into the same old box, all packed in with the same old sides... and don't forget that sad little cookie.

Beet Box is the antithesis of the boxed meal.

You'll rarely have the same meal that you've had before. All of our meals are designed around the seasons and what our farmer friends are pulling out of the dirt. You'll only see tomatoes in the summer... this is our solemn vow. Our meats and proteins all come from farmers we've known, and from pastures we've walked. The Food Industry has spent far too much time straying from the proverbial path, and Beet Box is here to change that.

"This focus on quality must come with a hefty price tag," you say??

Absolutely not. We design all of our menus around the best products available at the peak of their season, not only because of their high-quality, but also because seasonal food is most affordable in its abundance.

Beet Box works diligently to bring you the best food at the most affordable price possible. This is why you'll never see prices on our website. We design each menu around the season, the event, and the budget. Whether you're feeding an office or a school bus full of kids, The Beet Box has the perfect meal for you. 

In summation, Beet Box isn't just another Salad or Sandwich Shop, it's a revolution. It's our dream to change the way everyone thinks about food for the masses. We know everyone gets hungry, and everyone needs to be fed, but we refuse to believe that the answer to satiety is 6 inches long with a side of bagged chips.

If we've even tickled your intrigue, email us and we'll give you all the flavors right in your face.